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Tribunal Representation

Whether it be bringing or defending a case or claim, Micaila is qualified to represent your interests from start to finish.  She has the benefit of a Public Access Qualification which allows her to accept instruction in the usual way through Solicitors but also directly from members of the public.


It is in Tribunal when Micaila really shines.  With excellent advocacy skills, attention to detail and ability to relate to both her lay Client and Tribunal she really is at home in this forum.


Micaila will be able to consider all the evidence and advise on your chances of success and work out what evidence needs to be challenged, what needs to be gathered and set out a plan of action to achieve the best possible outcome.


Once instructed, Micaila will take the pressure from you and will work labouriously to do all she can to be in the best possible position to obtain the best possible outcome.  


Sadly most Tribunal matters will need to be funded privately and Micaila will endeavour to provide reasonable fixed fee rates for any such private instruction.  However, she will also be able to advise whether your claim could be covered by your Home Insurance or whether you could obtain After the Event (ATE) Insurance for which she would then be able to receive instructions via your Insurers.


Micaila can accept instruction at short notice, depending on her availability. So please do contact her on 01536 650950 or to enquire.



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