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Police Station Attendance

Micaila is fully qualified and able to accept private instruction to represent you at the Police Station, or to provide assistance under the Legal Aid Scheme.


Everyone who attends the Police Station for interview is entitled to free and independent legal advice and assistance.  It is a fundamental legal right and often Clients do not realise the importance of receiving legal advice at such an early stage.  It could make the difference between you being charged and not, depending on the case.


If you are required to attend the Police Station for interview, whatever the offence and whatever your financial means you will be entitled to FREE legal advice through the Legal Aid Agency.  So why not use it and have the benefit of a fully qualified, experienced Barrister on hand to guide you through the process.


Having Micaila with you in interview will not make the Police think that you are guilty or that you have anything to hide.  They will understand that you are simply exercising your basic legal right.  And sometimes it does make the process easier for everyone if you have someone there to explain what might happen.


With Micaila’s Court experience, she is able to quickly see what the trial issues might be if the case does proceed to charge and can advise you at the earliest possible opportunity of what the consequences might be, what evidence needs to be gathered and what together you need to do to secure the best possible outcome.


Micaila is available 24/7 to attend the Police Station and represent your interests, whether this be a Voluntary Interview or an interview after you have been arrested and detained by the Police.


Interviews under caution can also be carried out by the Local Authority and other organisations enquiring into Benefit Fraud and other criminal matters.  Micaila is fully qualified to attend these interviews with you but sadly these are not covered by the Legal Aid Scheme and any such instruction would be on a private basis.  


If you or a loved one needs advice and assistance for any Police or other interview, just call 01536 650950 or email so the necessary arrangements can be made.


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