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Legal Documents

Given her range of knowledge and experience across a many areas of law, Micaila is able to review and draft a wide range of legal documents.  We have listed some of the most common documents but please do get in touch if there is something specific you require and we would be only too pleased to assist.

Common Legal Documents

  • Contract of Employment

  • Contract for Services

  • Contract for Sale

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • Settlement Agreement

  • Loan Agreement

  • Commercial Lease

  • Deed of Variation

  • Deed of Surrender

  • Lease Assignment

  • Personal Guarantee

  • Tenancy Agreement

  • Purchase of Business Agreement

  • Shareholder Agreement

  • Partnership Agreements

  • Statutory Declaration

  • Declaration of Trust

  • Will

  • Power of Attorney

  • Witness Statement

  • Prepared Statement

  • Terms & Conditions for Sale

  • Company Policies & Procedures

  • Employee/Company Handbook

  • Statement of Particulars of Employment

  • Lease/HP Agreements

  • Severance Joint Tenancy

  • Claim Form

  • Defence

  • Set Aside Application

  • Change of Name Deed



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