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Motoring Law

Micaila regularly accepts instructions from a number of well-known specialist Motoring Law Solicitors up and down the country and is sought out by them as being an expert in her field. 


We cover all of the following areas of motoring law (and everything else!)


  • Speeding

  • No Insurance

  • Careless Driving

  • Dangerous Driving

  • Drink Driving

  • Drug Driving

  • Failing to Provide a Specimen for Analysis

  • Failing to Stop/Failing to Report

  • No License

  • Failing to Notify Driver Details

  • Using a Mobile Phone Whilst Driving

  • Dangerous Vehicles

  • Contravening Road Traffic Signals


We specialise in the following legal arguments, designed to help you keep your license

  • Exceptional Hardship

  • Special Reasons

    • Emergencies

    • Shortness of Distance Driven

    • Spiked Drinks

    • Medical Conditions/Medicines


Driving with Excess Alcohol (Drink Driving) is a highly specialised area and is frequently litigated relying on technical legal defences.  Micaila will consider all of the following issues when assessing if you have any defence, together with anything you may advance during consultation:-

  • Private Land

  • Post-incident consumption (hip-flask defence)

  • Duress

  • Evidence of Driving

  • Evidence of Identity

  • Legality of Arrest

  • Police compliance with Procedure for taking samples


Micaila is also able to make the following applications to assist in your defence of any Motoring Law matters:-

  • Draft a Statutory Declaration

  • Apply to have your case re-opened

  • Appeal your case to the Crown court

  • Apply to lift disqualification early



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